About Us

After completing my first marathon in 2000, I quickly became “hooked” on marathon running. With accomplishments come medals, and I had plenty of both! Proud of my achievements, I wanted to take my medals out of my drawer and display them. I decided to design a medal display that was both functional and stylish – a SportHook!

It didn’t take long for me to realize that there was a need for SportHooks amongst my friends, so I began designing medal hangers based on what my friends would like. With the heart of a runner and entrepreneur, I was inspired to move my ideas to a business. As demand expanded into various sports, charities, etc., SportHooks became something much more than just a solution for displaying medals. I have been touched by the personal stories shared by my customers and enjoy making new friends along the way. Support from friends, both new and old, and family is the reason SportHooks continues to experience incredible growth and success each year. I continue to draw inspiration for new designs from travel, passion of running and other everyday experiences, and I am so lucky to collaborate with incredible partners to make the medal display designs a reality.

Thank you to all of my loyal customers and new friends that I meet along the way! I am blessed and thankful!


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